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Magnetic Vision.

Focused Strategy.

Confident Execution.

Great Companies Win By Building Championship Teams


Winning at the highest level in business requires building a Championship Team.  Championship Teams drive alignment through a strategic playbook, build a culture that empowers its people, and creates rabid fans that drive exponential growth. 

We combine over 25 years partnering with Fortune 500 companies and launching companies with System & Soul. the only business framework that combines the system and soul of your business to create breakthrough. It is a balance of process and people – made up of six elements that are the backbone of proven, productive, and well-loved organizations everywhere.  

The System & SoulTM Model

System and Soul Roadmap
Two Year

The System & Soul Journey is a recommended two years of work with a Coach through the framework and tools. The framework is broken into three phases: Clarity, Control, and Growth.

The Clarity phase focuses on onboarding the tools and best practices in the framework. It's three full days of learning over the course of one month. The Control and Growth phases represent a full year-long cycle of Quarterly refuels and a two-day annual strategy session.

System and Soul Journey


1. Schedule a Meeting to Discuss Your Organization

Schedule a free 30-minute call to discuss your business and learn the key steps to build a plan for a killer strategy

2. Download an Overview of Helpful Solutions

Download a guide to help you find a solution that is right for your business and the stage you're in today. 

3. Discover the health of your business

Take this brief assessment to receive a diagnostic score and discover the health of your business. We'll discuss on our call. 

""What I like about the System and Soul Framework is that we take and we really remove the chaos and the complexity of the day-to-day operations, especially when it comes to getting people to meet as one and put their ideas on a table. It's a step-by-step process that puts the right team in place."

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is System & Soul (S2) a fit for?

While any organization can and would benefit from System & Soul (S2), it's been found to be ideal for companies with $2 million or more in annual revenue and 10+ full-time employees.

Typically these are Stage 2, Series A or B companies or later that are generating revenue and looking to continue growing.

Schedule a chat with me to discuss about my experience leading and coaching companies from seed to  Fortune 100 companie

What industry is S2 best suited for?

System & Soul (S2) is industry-agnostic because it is a framework instead of being a specific method of industry operations or playbook.

That said, schedule a chat to discuss my extensive experience with industries including high-tech, digital health/health care, automotive, financial service, and consulting. 

When doesn't S2 work?

System & Soul (S2) won't work if you're unwilling to honestly examine the key elements of your organization and aren't open to running your organization differently.

S2 also won't work if you don't want to work on your culture and all you want is "more productivity" from your people without investing in your people and the environment.


Will this work for non-profits or ministries?

The short answer is "yes!" In most cases, there is very little difference in how the System & Soul (S2) framework is applied in non-profits and ministries.  

Connect with me to chat about my extensive experience working with leadership teams for non-profits as well as ministries. 

How is S2 different than EOS or other Systems?

System & Soul (S2) is the next evolution in a lineage of great business frameworks, including The Rockefeller Habits, Scaling Up, Good to Great, Pinnacle and EOS.  

EOS's strength is in creating a strong system of processes and procedures to scale your company. However, the problem with focusing on systems in a silo is that we neglect the people that make those systems work.

However, System & Soul (S2) is the only business framework built on the humanity of the organization. 

For a one-pager comparison of the two frameworks for yourself or your team, click here to download.

Do You Have a Guarantee?

Yes! If you don't get value, you don't pay the invoice. 

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