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Make the Transition from Renegade-Founder to Renegade Leader

My friends, Benj Miller, Chris White, and McKenzie Reeves Decker (the founding team at System and Soul) have just released Renegades, a book for Founders.  This book is essential for the Founder looking to scale beyond themselves.  

  1. Download a free copy of the first  chapter.  
  2. Buy the book at Amazon or: 
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Best Weekly Meeting Ever

The BEST Weekly Team Meeting Ever

A key aspect to building momentum in the right direction is having better meetings. We call it the "Weekly Sync." You'll be calling it the best weekly team meeting you've ever had.

This FREE resource will help you:

  • Stay on track
  • Get more done
  • Get in tune with every individual on your team
  • Solve the most important problems
5 Essential Tools

The 5 Essential Tools to Lead & Manage Winning Teams

After decades of experience coaching and leading teams, we've distilled 5 Essential Tools that can help any team overcome challenges and move forward with clarity and control.

This FREE guide will help you:

  • Overcome challenges holding you back from growing your business
  • Learn the 5 Essential Tools
  • "Quick start" action to use these tools on your own
Killer Strategy

The Simplest Template For A KILLER Strategy

The S2 Road Map is made up of five major elements. Each one defines an aspect of your business and seamlessly connects your mission, vision, values, and goals to achieve clarity and direction.

This FREE resource will help you:

  • Define your vision
  • Clarify your values, habits, and culture
  • Create a filter for decision-making
  •  Realize your long-term goals

Discover What You Are The "Only" In The World At

Having your identity nailed down is key when you're starting out. Being the “only” at anything is remarkable, and it will be the thing that makes your business stand out from your competition.

This FREE resource will help you:

  • Resonate with the right audience
  • Empower your people with a simple, clear message about who you are
  • Claim a space in the market that makes you uniquely competitive


Org Health

How Healthy Is Your Business?

Achieving breakthrough starts with assessing the health of your business as it stands. This brief assessment scores you on each of our 6 elements:

Design: The structure of your organization

Cadence: How well your teams are in sync

Score: How well you're tracking important metrics

Destination: Where you're heading long-term

Ethos: Your identity and values as a company

People: Your culture and leadership in its truest form


Is Your Team Happy With All Dimensions of Their Compensation? 

Compensation is not just about salary and benefits, but a combination of quantitative and qualitative measures that change and evolve with your needs, goals, and desires.

We believe compensation measures can and should include financial, spiritual, emotional, physical, psychological and social factors to really determine how satisfied a person is in their role and help predict engagement and retention overtime.

This brief assessment is designed to bring awareness to your overall satisfaction and specific needs when it comes to holistic compensation.

Once you purchase your assessment credits, you will be directed to an dashboard to manage your credits and send invitations.

Leadership Assessment

Are You An Effective Leader?

Gain greater clarity on the factors that have the most significant influence on your overall leadership effectiveness. Your results will give you insight into some of your strengths as well as steps you can take for continued growth.

There are two ways to take it:

Individual [FREE]: Take the pulse of your own leadership effectiveness. This assessment takes between 5-10 minutes to complete and generates a report of your results.

360 [$149]: Invite three or more of your peers, leaders, family, and friends to share their perspectives. Complete your own assessment, send the links out, and get an aggregate report of the results once everyone has responded

Leverage Tool

Maximize Your Time & Drive Value To Your Business

This tool will give you clarity on what to delegate, what to stop, and what you should be spending the majority of your time doing.

The goal of this exercise is to help you spend more time:

  • On what you love to do
  • Where you are most skilled
  • Creating the most impact in your business 

It will take you about 12 minutes to complete, and you’ll receive a full custom report that you can optimize for SKILL, ENERGY, & VALUE

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