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About Jon

Over the last 25+ years, I have helped C-Level and senior leaders at dozens of Fortune 500 and high-growth technology companies define strategy, launch, grow, and scale  businesses or products. I've had the privilege of consulting to and coaching leadership at with household names such as Nissan, Toyota, GM, Kaiser Permanente, BCBS, Aetna, Labcorp, CVS, Vistaprint, IBM, Rapid7, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Lincoln Financial, as well as -lesser-known one such as Medullan, Elemental Beverage Co, and Answer Financial. In addition, I have worked with  non-profits, and ministries, achieving remarkable results in growth and scalability.  From this vast experience I have learned the secrets to scaling organizations with soul and  maximizing it's impact.  

Through all these experiences weave a few strengths/passions which give a sense of what it's like to work with me:

  • Entrepreneur/Catalyst I started my first business in college, and since then I’ve started or co-led 6 start-ups, most of which still continue to thrive and delight customers
  • Builder/Creator - I love building and leading teams in the creative process to create exceptional products and businesses. From revolutionizing coffee to digital health solutions, real estate developer to non-profits, and hyper-growth tech companies to ministries, I'm energized by partnering with passionate and innovative founders and teams
  • Connector - I probably enjoy the "do you know" game a bit too much, but in business that translates the ability to connect people to partners, employees, service providers, or financial resources to catalyze their success
  • Mentor - As a maximizer, one of my strengths is taking excellence I have seen prior and coach individuals, teams, or organizations to achieve that same level of greatness. My natural instinct upon meeting an organization is to help identify how to help them thrive.

This last bit is part I love the most -I’ve found that clarity, alignment, and unwavering focus on people are most critical to success. Those who I've helped achieve these see exponential growth. 

That's why I've chosen to work the only business growth framework that places equal importance on both organizational systems AND people, System and Soul.

I love helping entrepreneurs and founders.  Give me a call and let's partner to catalyze breakthrough in your business.  

Blue Tide

Everything is in the Name.

We all know the failure rates for new companies.  As entrepreneurs, we believe we can beat the odds. And we often do.  But in order to create those enduring companies  - or even exit with an attractive offer - we need to break through the point where we're carrying company ourselves, where we need to be involved in every decision, our mental energy is split into a thousand places, and we can't seem to find the right people to delegate to. We need to build a scalable, aligned, and accountable leadership team.  We need to build a culture where our people can perform their best, love their work, and love the people they work with, because this is essential to achieving the dream.  It's like moving from "Mob Soccer" pre-schoolers play to a Professional Team with defined roles, plays, communication -- and a coach. 

Blue Tides are rare phenomena that occur with overgrowth of the phytoplankton Lingulodinium polyedra.  At night, when catalyzed by waves or other movement in the water, they emit a dazzling neon blue. Not only are these tides rare phenomena in nature, so is the color blue.  

Blue Tide Catalysts exists to help founder-led organizations break through the founder's ceiling and scale by transitioning to united and aligned senior leadership teams. Our Vision is to help 1000 organizations by 2035 become the rare ones that defy the statistics and breakthrough the Founder's Ceiling.


"“Jon has a line of honesty, trust, intelligence, curiosity, and respect that will serve whatever organization he chooses to work for …  from people to culture to process to profitability. I can't underscore how valuable, and rare, I find the combination of his skill sets and experiences–work and life–to be”."

Lawler Kang - CEO, League of Allies

"“Jon’s insight, leadership, and willingness to adapt to balance his ideas with our company's unique culture was deeply valued. He's a fantastic partner.”"

Christina Luconi - Chief People Officer, Rapid7

"With Jon, you’ll have the opportunity to do some of the best work of your career. Jon is tireless in delivering quality ideas and solutions for clients, but he is also relentless in providing the mentorship and feedback his team needs to get there. I’ve seen Jon take relatively inexperienced teams and get them to perform at high levels very quickly.

Rod Gifford - Director, Aledale

"Jon is a strategist at heart with great attention to detail, a team builder and a dot connector…. with, a cut-to-the-chase personality that brings everyone united to work on a common purpose. 

Adriano Garcez - Director, ZS Associates

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